Best Response - How do I get my T2202A?

How do I get my T2202A tax form?

T2202A - The Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate is available for each of the seven most recent taxation years through WebAdvisor. The T2202A form for the previous year will be available for printing by the middle of February (e.g. for the 2016 taxation year, the form is available mid-February, 2017). The forms can be accessed by logging into the T2202A section of WebAdvisor for Students, listed under Financial Profile. You must select the appropriate year; the tax years will display only for the years that there is actual information available. The PDF report will appear on the screen for printing. The University will not issue paper copies of the form.

The T2202A certificates will only be accessible if you still have WebAdvisor access. This access is available for approximately one year after graduation or last registration.

T2202A certificates for previous taxation years must be requested. You can make this request in person at Enrolment Services (University Centre, Level 3), by email to, or by mail to Enrolment Services, UC Level 3, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1. The request must include your name, ID number, the year required, and your signature (a scanned signature for requests by email).

No certificate is produced if total eligible fees are less than $100 for the tax year.

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